Raise them to Love the Lord.

We all want our children to be carefree during childhood. The time is long gone when I could ride my bike for blocks in our neighborhood and play for hours without ever checking in before dark. The world has come a more stressful and dangerous place. I cringe when I think of my daughter walking around the block to a friends or even playing outside alone. I remember the days when making the drill team was our greatest challenge. Now, along with your home you have to monitor TV’s, Cell Phones, Internet and cyberspace.  Kids have to deal with things like kidnappers, terrorists, bullies and gangs and so so much more. Addictions, gender confusion, political correctness, the list goes on and on. We can’t protect them from everything, but we can dang sure try and you can bet I will be that mom. Parents, your kids want a deeper connection with you. They need to hear “I love you”. They need to know you won’t give up on them, they need to know that in this dark horrible world you are the one they can count on even when they mess up. This foundation has to start when they are young. It has to be built upon every day.  Most of all they need you to guide them into a vibrant faith in Jesus Christ. Every parent’s job is for you to set the tone and provide the instructions and examples the child needs. God is using you to mold your child’s character and one day she could change a generation for Christ. Along with setting the tone and examples, parents are to nurture their child’s abilities and gifts. What abilities has God given your child? How can you nurture those talents? (remember nurturing your child does not mean molding them into who you think they should be or what sport you think they should be playing) I guarantee this is a lesson hard learned for some, it was for me. I wanted her to be a dancer and she was really good at it. She decided not to pursue that. She however does love sign language and she loves being in front of an audience, so I found a way to help her do both. This is a gift God gave her and I hope you enjoy the video below.