Bullet Proof Coffee – The easy way

Are you ready to join all these crazy people on Facebook and Instagram raving about Bullet Proof Coffee to get more energy and brainpower? When you mix coffee with the right fats, you get an amazing drink that stomps on hunger and cravings, banishes brain fog, and helps you lose weight, build muscle, and increase focus and performance. All of this clean energy without the negative effects of caffeine and sugar crashes. Are you READY?

How to make Bulletproof Coffee


  • Cup of Coffee (plain, no flavoring) I use Donut Shop Medium or Dark Blend
  • 1 teaspoon – 2 tablespoons Coconut Oil (Organic, unrefined, cold-pressed)
  • 1-2 tablespoons grass-fed, unsalted butter or Ghee (KerryGold is a good brand)


    1. Make your coffee. Brew 1 cup (8-12 ounces) of coffee.
    2. Add 1 teaspoon to 2 tablespoons of  (start with 1tsp and work your way up)
    3. Add 1-2 tablespoons of grass-fed, unsalted butter or grass-fed ghee. Make sure your butter is unsalted. Salty coffee is gross.
    4. Blend. Mix it all in a blender for 20-30 seconds until it looks like a creamy latte. There will be a good amount of foam on top.
The easier way: put ingredients in your cup and let it dissolve and stir while you drink it.. no blending.. Both are good. It just depends on what you prefer. Want to make it a little more fun? Try adding vanilla, cinnamon, tumeric, honey, stevia, or chocolate powder.

Here are some of the benefits I found for drinking Bullet Proof Coffee, however my main reason is it gives me that extra energy I need throughout the day!

  1. Even though it is high in fats, the idea is to utilize bulletproof coffee in a way that the fats are used as a source of energy. Many people use bulletproof coffee as their main breakfast item and report that it keeps them feeling full until their next snack or meal. Avoiding overeating on unhealthy foods is an important part of any weight loss journey and consuming a cup of bulletproof coffee each morning can help reduce cravings.
  2. Bullet Proof coffee is high Omega-3 fatty acids help the body in many ways, including fighting depression, helping relieve symptoms of asthma, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and Alzheimer’s disease.
  3. At low doses, bulletproof coffee can act as a mild cognitive enhancer. It can also help reduce anxiety, improve mood, and can help cognitive decline.
  4. Bulletproof coffee is a great source of caffeine. However, when coffee is loaded with sugar and cream, the calories are mostly empty, and do not provide any nutrients to help you get through your day. Bulletproof coffee, while high in fat, provides nutritious calories to keep you going throughout the morning, especially on days that you do not have time to grab breakfast.