Disney World Tips #5 – How do I get my kid on stage?

How do I get my kid on stage, in the parade, or in Jedi training? I get asked this question ALL THE TIME…. Maybe its because every time we go to Disney Ry ends up on stage, or participating in a show or something. Usually multiple times each visit. First let me say, its all her it really has nothing to do with me.  She is a spotlight hog, always has been, it’s just her personality. What I can tell you is, it really is all about timing, luck, and personality. The more enthusiastic and friendly you are the better the chance. The nicer you are to EVERYONE, the better your chance. If your kid is shy, it’s probably not gonna happen. If you look like you are miserable at Disney or anyone in your party looks that way, it’s probably not gonna happen. Personally I think the parents should be having as much fun as the kids, after all it’s the happiest place on earth. Here are a few things that will up your odds:
  1. Personality, Enthusiasm
  2. Jedi Training – you need to be at the park at rope drop. Go straight to the sign up area. (last time we were there 1-2017, it was located to the left past Hollywood and Vine Restaurant.) Your kid must be present and you stand in line and sign up. All passes for the shows throughout the day are given out in the morning. They will run out.
  3.  Festival of the Lion King – usually they pick from the bottom 4 rows
  4. Story Time with Belle – all kids can get a part but to be one of the main characters see #1.
  5. Beauty and the Beast Musical – This is very random, happens outside the entrance, remember what I said in the video about being nice to EVERYONE?
  6. Indiana Jones – adults only, be enthusiastic and crazy when they are picking from audience
  7. Opening Ceremonies at the parks – Arrive extremely early, be nice to everyone. Some say you have to have super early breakfast reservations but I have seen them pick from both lines.
  8. Wear Matching clothes or at least color coordinate.
  9. Dress your kids super cute Disney overboard and then you match them color wise.
Just remember #1. The more excited you and your kiddos are the better. Be Happy, have fun and remember even if they do not get on stage, it will still be the best vacation they ever had! Sept.14th, 2017: Update since this Blog was originally posted…I am now an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner! I am so excited to be able to formally help you plan your next magical vacation! For a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE you can fill out this form or email me at [email protected]   https://youtu.be/3l42ssb0GgQ