Disney World Tips #6 – Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is the heart of Disney World. This is where you find the iconic Cinderella’s Castle and where all your fairytales come to life!  The first time we went to Disney World I was 38, yes even at 38 it was still the most magical moment of my life. To be honest every time I go it is still the most magical place in the world. I cry when I see the castle every time we walk through the gates and we have been often. Every single attraction, parade, show, scenery, smell and sound at Magic Kingdom is fantastic. No matter what you do, your kids will have a magical time and so will you. Below I have listed my absolute must dos. When we go, even though we have done these before they are always worth doing again and sometimes we even do them twice in a trip or even a day!

Character Meet & Greets:

There are so many and all are wonderful but these are my favorite.
  1. Step Mom and the Step Sisters – usually found early AM behind Prince’s Carousel. Sometimes they even ride the Carousel with you. We were lucky enough to have this happen and the Step Mother sat with Rylee ! They are hands down my favorite!
  2. Fairy Godmother – Found behind Cinderella’s Castle usually early AM. Once she actually mailed Ry a birthday present a year after we met her!
  3. Talking Mickey – Found in Town Hall – This is the only Mickey that speaks. He is amazing, Ry, truly loved this. I think we went 5x our last visit cause she enjoyed it so much. (Go in the evening after the fireworks close to park closing, lines are not as long)


All of the rides are worth doing just because of the detail behind every single thing. Pay close attention to the architecture, and small things they add even while waiting in line.  Here are the ones I love.
  1. Peter Pan’s Flight
  2. Enchanted Tales with Belle (have your camera ready at all times)
  3. Haunted Mansion
  4. Pirates of the Caribbean
Rylee also likes these but they make me nauseous (however I do stand in line with her until the very end):
  1. Dwarfs Mine Train
  2. Space Mountain
  3. Splash Mountain
  4. Big Thunder Mountain
These deserve honorable mention:
  1. People Mover
  2. Small World (yes, the song will be in your head forever, but it’s worth it for the first time, just because)
  3. Little Mermaid – Journey under the Sea


  1. Festival of Fantasy Parade 3PM most days – best places to sit either across street from Splash Mountain on the curb of the restaurant or 2nd floor of the train station. Arrive at least an hr early if not more.
  2. Fireworks – anywhere on main street is fine but my opinion in the circle is best behind Walt’s statue. I have sat up front and its just too close you miss some of the castle projections.
  3. Move it Shake it Parade: several times throughout the day. Somewhere in the main circle in front of the castle.  It’s a dance party.. don’t miss it.
  4. Pirate Tutorial – multiple times.. It’s awesome and Jack Sparrow is super cute
Again everything in Magic Kingdom is well….MAGIC. Enjoy whatever you do. Pick what your family will like and what’s most important to you. Know that you probably won’t do it all in one trip. Planning is key and if you need help with that, reach out to me! I am now an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner! I am so excited to be able to formally help you plan your next magical vacation! For a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE you can fill out this form or email me at [email protected]