Disney World Tips #7 – Epcot

Today we are talking Epcot. This is probably my least favorite of the parks as Disney World. (again my opinion) However, we still go at least once on every visit and hit the highlights. If nothing else this park does well at merging education and entertainment. Make sure to check out the Kid Cot Stops.. these are fun learning experiences for the kids. We have specifically spent the day here for a research paper for my daughter. Even though is not as thrilling as Magic Kingdom, it does have headliner attractions that are worth checking out. I also recommend spending a day there and taking in as much as you can. Everything is wonderful in Disney World and there is something for you at Epcot too. No matter what you do you will have a great time. Below I have listed my (and Ry’s) must dos when visiting Epcot.

Character Meet and Greets:

  1. Anna & Elsa – This is a no brainer. If you can get a Fast Pass its worth it, if not, standing in the line is worth it. We once stood in line for 8hrs….yes 8, yes it was worth it.
  2. Joy & Sadness – These were Ry’s favorite this year. They really spent a lot of time with each kid
  3. Snow White – Epcot is my favorite place to meet Snow White. Once Ry was guided through the park while Snow White talked to her about all the animals they happened upon. Check your park map to see her location it is hard to miss.


There are not as many rides in Epcot as Magic Kingdom, but what I can say is go in every country and in every restaurant.. there are hidden low key rides and things to do. I had no idea until our 2nd visit. They are at the very least worth doing once. My favorites are below.
  1. Frozen Ever After – Oh my! I can’t say enough about this ride, it was like being in the movie. Absolutely my favorite. Try to get Fast Passes but if you can’t I promise its worth the wait.
  2. Test Track – makes Ry’s list (I don’t do high speed rides)
  3. Training Lab – this is one of my favorites..its kinda cheesy but I like it.
  4. Space Ship Earth – it’s iconic and kinda cool, do it at least once


You know I am going to bring up food…
  1. Garden Grill – this is my favorite character meal in Epcot. The food is super yummy and its all you can eat.
  2. Teppan Edo – Hibachi, Sushi, Japanese – Hands down best sushi I have ever eaten.
Remember these are just our favorites there is a ton to do in Epcot and each family has different interests. Take your time, soak it all in and enjoy the time with your family. As always, if you like this blog please feel free to share it, leave me a comment below or message me letting me know what you would like me to blog about next! Sept.14th, 2017: Update since this Blog was originally posted…I am now an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner! I am so excited to be able to formally help you plan your next magical vacation! Guess what I can even take care of those Dining Reservations for you! For a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE you can fill out this form or email me at [email protected]   https://youtu.be/egKbAVHQXzI