Planning A Disney Vacation?

Are you Planning a Disney Vacation? Enchanted Woods Travel is a Disney Vacation Planner! Now before you quit reading because I said the phrase “travel agency”, let me elaborate….Enchanted Woods travel is FREE. I’ll admit, I didn’t know the benefits of using a travel agency, specializing in Disney Destinations, when I took my first 2 trips to Disney. I balked at the idea of surrendering the control of my vacation to a travel agency.  (Guess what? You can control as much or as little as you want!) I also assumed they would charge an extra fee on top of Disney World’s prices to use their service. When I found out that they provide all these services for FREE to you (Disney pays them a commission, not you), using Enchanted Woods Travel, an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, made perfect sense.  

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  Here are a few of my favorite perks that Enchanted Woods Travel offers to their clients:  
  • Discount Watching!  

    If a discount comes available (after you booked), they will update your reservation for you (if your vacation applies).  I know a lot of our readers have saved hundreds to thousands of dollars, after they are booked and paid in full.  This is a “savings addicts” dream come true!
  • Restaurant Recommendations & Reservations!  

    With over 100 restaurants at Disney World, do you know the best restaurant for your family? Enchanted Woods Travel can recommend the best restaurants for your family.  Then they will get up at 7 AM to book these popular restaurant reservations for you.  If your favorite restaurants are sold out, they will even watch for any cancellations for you.
  • Disney Personalized Itineraries! 

    Another service they provide that will help you plan your days at the Orlando Theme Parks.  These itineraries are created by past Disney Cast Members and Universal Studios employees that worked at the parks you are visiting.  The insiders to help you get the most at the parks.  On average, Enchanted Woods Travel guests save 4 hours in lines at the Orlando Theme Parks.

Here is my favorite benefit of booking with the Enchanted Woods Travel:

  • Answer any and all Disney questions!

    Enchanted Woods Travel can answer all the questions you might have by phone, email, live chat, FB messages, text, and more!  You will have one agent that will walk you through your entire vacation…aka your Fairy Godmother!
  *** And if you have already booked with Disney directly (as long as it is not paid in full), you can transfer your reservation to Enchanted Woods Travel and receive all of the above perks and it won’t cost you anything out of pocket. Just let them know you are interested in transferring your reservation to them.   Request a quote with Enchanted Woods Travel by filling out the Quote Form Here.     As a reminder, the planning stage of your Magical trip or any vacation can be instrumental in its success and an enjoyable part of the experience itself. You have a world of options…and plenty to consider. You can get your FREE Disney Planning Checklist here.     Still not sure if you need a travel agent or think you can do it yourself for cheaper? Check out this blog I wrote called Should I use a Travel Agent or Book Online Myself discussing why it’s actually beneficial to use an agent.   If you’ve found this content beneficial please recommend the site to your family and friends. You can follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.