Frequently Asked Questions when Planning Disney World Vacations

  We know trying to decide between booking directly with Disney and using Enchanted Woods Travel, as your Disney vacation planner, can be overwhelming. Here are the most frequently asked questions:  

Can Enchanted Woods Travel use PIN codes that Disney has given us?

Yes, they can book all pins, early booking for Disney Visa Cardholders, and special shipboard credits. Plus, they normally get the discounts, before Disney releases to the Disney Visa Cardholders!  

Can you still use Disney gift cards to pay for your trip if you book thru Enchanted Woods Travel?

Absolutely! They are happy to help you apply the gift cards directly to your package balance.  

Can I transfer my reservation from AAA to Enchanted Woods Travel?

If a guest booked directly with AAA, you cannot transfer to Enchanted Woods Travel. AAA is a wholesaler and they cannot transfer that reservation. They can only transfer reservations from Disney World and they must be booked directly with Disney with a deposit within 30 days of the original booking and the reservation cannot be paid in full.  

Do you offer an additional discount off Disney World, Disney Cruise and Universal Studios packages on top of the current special?

We do not offer an extra discount. However, we do continue to watch for any future deals that may save you money even after you are booked.  This can often save you hundreds to thousands of dollars!  

How much do I need to put down to reserve my Disney vacation?

If you are booking a Disney World package, you just need to put down $200 per package. The full amount is due 45 days before your departure date.  

I don’t have the full amount needed for my Disney vacation yet. Do you take payments?

Yes, absolutely! After you reserve your package and put down the required $200, you can pay as little or as much as you like as often as you like. If you would like for Enchanted Woods Travel to automatically bill your card on specific dates, they can do that as well! Just make sure the package is paid in full 45 days before your departure date.  

I am so lost when it comes to all the options at Disney World. Where do I eat, where do I stay, what park do I go to on which day. Can you help me plan my trip?

Yes! That is a service that they offer for no cost to you. They will help you plan your days at Disney World and throughout Orlando to help you avoid the crowds, ride the attractions best for your family, and even hit the restaurants you will love!   When you decide that you want to take your trip to Disney, you can now get a quote for the cost of your trip to Disney World, Disneyland or a Disney Cruise within 4 hours (between the hours of 9 am and 7 pm CST) to give you a monetary goal to work towards.  Keep in mind that if your dates are 4-6 months out, your quote will be the rack rate prices.  But don’t worry!  Enchanted Woods Travel will keep a close eye on any future discounts and specials that come out for your dates and inform you immediately.  Disney will NOT do that for you. That’s just another perk of working with a travel agency, specializing in Disney Destinations.  

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