Ready to Hit the Slopes?

Winter means winter sports, and that means sporting opportunities in the cold and snow. What better than hitting the slopes with skis or snowboards? Taking off down the hill brings exhilaration with the wind in your face and the beauty all around you.  Skiing and snowboarding have some great fitness benefits!

Safety First

If you are not an active skier or snowboarder, then you have a place to start. Begin with taking lessons now to learn. Each location usually has instructors that will help you gain skills and confidence in your snow sports abilities. Yes- even for adults, but take the kids too!

Winter Sports Benefits

For those that have some winter slopes skills, you have the potential of spending an afternoon on the hill sweating upward of 500 calories. In fact, research says that you will burn as much as you would in an hour-long intense spin class and the work on your legs is far greater than pedaling a bike. Tackling the slopes works your balance skills. This means you are getting a full body workout that is concentrated on the legs and core for stability. Be sure you start working your squats, planks, and yoga stretches and build up to your cardio. You are going to have so much fun that you won’t even realize that you are being challenged!     As always, remember, if you’d like personalized help, consider booking an appointment with Enchanted Woods Travel to discuss your travel needs or go to our Client Forms Page and Fill out the appropriate quote form for a FREE no obligation quote.   Not sure if you need a travel agent or think you can do it yourself for cheaper? Check out this blog I wrote called Should I use a Travel Agent or Book Online Myself discussing why it’s actually beneficial to use an agent. If you’ve found this content beneficial please recommend the site to your family and friends. And if you liked this post, please tweet, pin and share – I’d really appreciate it! You can also follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter!  

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