Alaska is a place that inspires and excites our inner explorers. Cruises and tours to The Last Frontier will begin taking travelers on one in a lifetime adventures come May of next year. You will want to book your Alaska travel now to get the best rates and the accommodations of your choice!


Did you know?

  • Alaska’s tourism season runs from May through September. Outside of these months, harsh weather and landscape conditions make travel difficult and in some areas, impossible.
  • Cruising to Alaska is becoming more popular as more cruise lines add ships and itineraries for the tourism season. Each line and itinerary offers a unique Alaskan experience, so be sure to have your travel agent help find the right cruise for you.
  • Cruisetours combine cruising with a multi-day land travel portion, which gives you a chance to experience Alaska’s interior
  • Alaska’s big five are the animals that roam the land and are often sighted in Denali National Park. They include moose, bear, Dall sheep, caribou, and wolves.
  • Denali National Park preserves over 6 million acres of Alaska’s interior wilderness. The park’s centerpiece is the tallest peak in North America: Denali. The mountain was formerly known as Mount McKinley.
  • It is possible to see the Northern Lights in Alaska beginning in late August!


Must Do’s On an Alaska Cruise


  • Enjoy the views of the Inside Passage 

The Inside Passage is the standard coastal route for oceangoing ships en route to Alaska. The vessels weave between Alaska’s coastline and a series of islands boasting fjords, wildlife-rich forests, magnificent mountains, and massive glaciers.

  • Explore the Last Frontier by Rail

Enjoy the views of Alaska by train! The route will depend on the itinerary and cruise line, but be prepared to soak up 360-degree views as The Last Frontier zips by.

  • Experience Denali

6-million acre National Park and Preserve is Denali, America’s highest peak. Often sighted in Denali National Park. They include moose, bear, Dall sheep, caribou, and wolves.

  • Soak in Ketchikan

This funky, historic town is the perfect place to watch salmon migrate in the summer. Take advantage of the picturesque scenes on Creek Street, a boardwalk that runs along the east side of the Ketchikan Creek.

  • Visit an Iditarod Dog Kennel

Several cruise lines can arrange private tours of Iditarod Dog Kennels, or even experience of riding a sled pulled by a team of huskies! Tours given by local guides give travelers an inside look at what everyday life in Alaska is like, in addition to the routines of the dogs and their trainers.



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