Disney World Tips #3 – Park Plans

So now that you’ve got your dates and the place you’ll stay, what will you do each day of your trip? There are 4 major parks, 2 water parks plus many other activities that you could choose. Let’s start with how many days you should plan to spend in each park. My opinion, you need 1 day at AK, 1 day at HS, 1 day at Epcot.. (maybe 2 if your really interested in all of the country details) 2-3 days at MK.  (AK – Animal Kingdom, HS – Hollywood Studios, MK – Magic Kingdom) When visiting Disney World you’ll need to schedule where you’ll be and on what days with Black Ops military precision, using a crowd calendar that details which parks will be lightly attended and why.  Basically it comes down to zigging when others are zagging. For example, avoid parks that are offering Extra Magic Hours like the plague — the feature tends to draw extra heavy crowds.  We went to Magic Kingdom on one of his “unadvised” days and paid the price. Lesson learned. And though you want to cram your trip with as much family fun time as possible, book a break in the middle of the day. For some reason the parks are busiest from around 1PM-4PM. We usually leave the park around 2ish and go to the pool or just relax, then get ready for dinner and head back out. After dinner we go back to a park of choice. Trust me the break will be needed and your aching feet/cranky kids will thank you later! As mentioned in the video below you want to make a rough sketch of your time there, decide what days you will go to what parks, avoid the heavy crowds.. hold it loosely because circumstances can change and remember the first draft is just that the “first” draft. This draft will change based on dining reservations and possibly even fast passes, but you most definitely need to start with a basic one. Disney Authorized Vacation Planners like myself also offer this service for Free,  just another reason to use a vacation planner. Oh and if your planning an early morning park opening breakfast, you may not want to stay out until midnight the night before! Be on the look out for a White Board teaching of a very detailed way to plan your Disney Trip.. I will literally teach you everything I do..step by step! Sept.14th, 2017: Update since this Blog was originally posted…I am now an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner! After everyone’s feedback and requests. I decided to jump in full force and I can say its been the greatest 3 months ever! I am so excited to be able to formally help you plan your next magical vacation! For a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE you can fill out this form or email me at [email protected]   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mX4SKBDWwtc